Regular maintenance of your septic system will help provide your home with many years of a healthy working septic system.

These are factors which determine how often a septic tank must be pumped:

  • Size or capacity of the tank.
  • The number of people in the household or how much water flows through the system.
  • The volume of the solids in your waste.¬† If you MUST have a garbage disposal (which are not recommended for septic tanks and fields) the extra solids will require you to pump your tank out much more frequently, to try and prevent the solids from destroying your system

Here are some helpful tips to help keep your septic system working properly

* Do pump your tank every 3 years to prevent waste buildup and field damage. (Based on the average water use of 3 people.)
* Do have a filter installed. Ask about the benefits of a low cost septic filter.
* Don’t backwash water softener into your septic system.
* Don’t use tank additives.

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